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Pueblo Heritage:
The Anasazi, Hopi and Zuni and Chaco Canyon

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hile Chaco Canyon was everything I dreamed of, my interactions with with the Zuni, Ken Seowtewa, and the amazing petroglyphs at 'Village of the Great Kivas' were an experience I will never forget."  Hosteler quote

This moving program will explore the fascinating world of the Anasazi along the border region of Arizona and New Mexico. Beginning in Flagstaff, AZ, embark on a journey to Hopi Mesas, the Zuni reservation, Chaco Canyon and finally back to Flagstaff. Explore both well-known and remote Anasazi archeological sites.  Experienced leaders will provide the insight for what will be an unforgettable week.          

Course Description
Pueblo Heritage: The Anasazi, Hopi and Zuni and Chaco Canyon
The Southwest holds America's most fascinating archeological treasures. Renowned for the phenomenal rise of the Anasazi culture, that heritage continues today with the modern Hopi of northeastern Arizona and the Zuni of western New Mexico. Enjoy personal insights as Native American guides share their people's cultural achievements, historical struggles and modern challenges. In Flagstaff, visit the cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon Nat'l Monument. At Hopi, visit Walpi, the oldest continually inhabited American settlement. At Zuni, learn about the Spanish quest for the "Cities of Gold". Admire Katsina murals in a historic mission erected during Spanish colonization. Visit picturesque El Morro Nat'l Monument. (Inscription Rock) with its incredible array of both ancient and historic rock art. Culminate your journey with a visit to the center of the Anasazi world, Chaco Canyon, and explore the architectural achievements of Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl and the Great Kiva of Casa Rinconada.

Daily walking of up to one mile required, longer excursions available.

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